Friday, 14 October 2016

. Put your hands over your ears: I'm going to SCREAM !!!

 Those F(^&$%g Microsoft MORONS

 HOW Friggin more RETARDED can this get?    It is unbelievably unbelievable already, but I'm sure those people without the right-to-life-certificate at Microsoft can do even better.

When booting up my laptop this morning, I find that MS installed updates AGAIN. I have nothing against updates, but every time they do that, I have to re-open all the tabs on my browser (about 10). Oh, sorry MS-guys,you didn't think of that, did you?  I know,you're NOT known for a lot of thinking going on over there!

But that's not the issue. the issue is that my speakers no longer work.  "Oh come on", you say? "An update wouldn't disable your speakers"  you say?   Go google it.   They actually managed to carry out this crime-of-the-century for retards (it's like winning the idiot Olympics).  You IDIOTS !!!!!!!!!!

No more Music. No more Netflix. No more anything with sound.  Oh Hang On!   That video where Jon Voight is supporting Trump and bitching about Clinton? (I always assumed there was a reason why Angelina J. doesn't talk to her father,LOL)  

I can't hear a word he's saying !   OK, so it's not ALL bad. 

Oh, I forgot one.....   I can no longer Skype-call Grandma when I'm away.  

OH F&^%!

Note: I didn't include a sound file of my screaming because it's just a matter of time until you get that update.  You wouldn't be able to hear me anyway !

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