Wednesday, 17 February 2016

More MonkeyMadness (Monkey Island north of Nha Trang)

So I have my rental scooter.
The road separating the hotel wall from the beach
 I’ve managed to find a place to put gas in it. 
Note the T-shirt ;-)
And yes, I can confirm that those weird plastic bottles with liquid in it do indeed contain gasoline.

I head back to my new hotel to tell them I won't need the room as early as noon after all. They let me have breakfast a day ahead of time, so it behooves me to repay the courtesy.

The train station is next on the list.   15 or 20 minute wait and I have my train ticket.
This is the solution to the usual traffic chaos at the counters: take a number.
NOW, get the GPS map ready and head North.

The net markers make the boats look like Samurai with their feathered helmets

For some reason I am reminded of The Island of Doctor Moreau.   What will await me over there? Is this where King Kong retired to?

But first I get to take a ferry.

And I'm not the only kid on board, even though I might be the oldest

Now it looks ominous again

We finally get to the landing site, and I'm relieved that even from up close I can't see any giant apes with tiny female figures in their fist.

I think I see a monkey !!

And another one !

There are a bunch of baby ones testing the pool, but the smallest ones are already gone by the time I get the camera out.

The beach is made of coral fragments. 

Yes, this carriage is entirely made of empty plastic bottles
And I thought these  places only existed in the catalogs of travel agencies

More plastic bottles (they don't show those in the catalogs ;-)

I could have sworn there was a monkey behind me
I try to trick it by using my reverse camera
there it is

got you , you little ape
Enough apes for a while, I follow the coastline trail.

Unfortunately that's the end of the path.

Retreating my steps, I stumble into  a fairy tale.

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the strangest monkey of them all?

The density of monkeys increases as does the volume of voices from the tourist

Unfortunately this leads me where the crowds have streamed to earlier. Make a monkey friend by feeding them whatever you have with  you.

Then I see voluminous Babushkas feeding the food that made them look so non-skinny to Monkeys. There is proper Monkey food for sale, but NO. They deserve Putin!

Away from that mad feeding frenzy. What is going on here?

Why are these monkeys going crazy in the bushes?
Because there is a race on, and guess who has the best seat?

Time to leave this place of tourist madness again.  Don't get me wrong, just walk away from the groups, and this place is a quiet island paradise with monkeys. Just don't follow the crowds.

Even in death, the Vietnamese are lucky to be surrounded by colours

On the way back I take the long road home. 
HINT: It's not the destination that counts but the Journey
 And am I ever glad I did!  

What does it remind me of again? ;-)

Can you see in the steely look below (Please note how the helmet is miraculously colour-matched to the background) the determination that I will spend as much time possible here

I’m getting back into the city and I can’t believe my eyes.  Tregastel? I’m back in Brittany!!!!  The resemblance is mind-boggling. No wonder I like it here as much as in Brittany.

Back at the hotel, I  return  my  scooter at the other  hotel, wheel my  suitcase  over, and discover the ONLY flaw with my new hotel. No Internet.  BUT, they actually send a crew to my floor right away to fix it.

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