Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Another one bites the dust (or Car drivers keep on killing)

See that bit of grass to the right of the right stone pillar?  That's where it was. (Not my pic)
So I was cycling home to North Vancouver through Stanley Park the other day, not too much after dark on Sunday, when I saw something special on a tiny bit of grass right where Lions Gate Bridge joins the park. 

A deer was grazing on that tiny bit of grass.  It wasn't disturbed by the reasonably sparse traffic on the road and it wasn't disturbed by the bright headlights of my bike. I stopped for the briefest moment to look at the deer and to tell it how gorgeous it was.  I wasn't aware that there is NO native deer population in Stanley Park; I just thought I had never seen one.  Otherwise  I might have lingered a moment longer.

It turns out that I saw this deer pretty much at the last possible moment.  This particular deer, which unknownst to me had been quite famous in Vancouver, was hit and killed by a car a few minutes or hours later.  Here is the story and a picture of the deer.
STORY IN VANCOUVER SUN.  Yes, that's right. The CARS killed BAMBI .

The now deceased deer in livelier days downtown Vancouver (not my pic)

It's rather sad that this deer and many others had to die, that the people of Vancouver and many other cities in the world constantly have to breathe car exhaust, that whole nations are cast into war and then life as refugee-generating zones, just because ignant people can't understand that individual motorized transport is not a right given by God or income, that it kills cats, deer, people, nations (It's not coincidence that the oil-rich nations Iraq and Libya are now in turmoil) and eventually this whole planet, and that they will have to get their lazy asses out of their car seats if they care the least bit about their possibly yet unborn grandchildren.

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