Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Deprived and the Departed (or I don't think I'll ever have another cat)

Anyone who ever chose to be in attendance when a veterinarian ended the life of their first or most loved pet and was so shocked at the loss that they couldn't even think of ever replacing the departed, will know what's going on here.

Years pass and we remember and yearn for the departed, occasionally believing to spot glimpses of the soul in other animals, usually ones that exhibit similar physical traits. And away we pet!

Zebra and pocket-tiger in a petting session
This is why I was so looking forward to cat-sitting the little monster in the above picture. 

But: Caveat Pettor! It's not even the above all-wrong emotional 'thought' process that can let this turn out horribly (After all, what are the chances that this poor creature could measure up to the ideal we built up in our brains?).  In our attempt to re-create or at least re-discover the pet of the past, we ignore the fact that we are no longer the same human being that this pet was the perfect companion to.  Recipe for disaster. And it's not the cat's fault.

Wishing you only sweet notes where ever you are Monte!

Someone else departed recently. Roams eternal hunting grounds now.  Died. Passed away. Biochemically failed. Is ash now.   On May 4.    I'd known him for a long time. Known him quite well too. He was kind enough to accompany me to to George's Native Memorial Service about a year before his own at that time unlikely and unforeseeable death.   At some point I probably would have called him a close friend.  There is something about him on YouTube: Meet Monte Jones in THIS VIDEO     

There was something else I noticed today.  For the first time in 28 years.  I was shocked. I saw it in an East Vancouver Safeway.  I saw it in an East Vancouver Sushi restaurant. I felt in an East Vancouver street.  You've seen pictures of places like Detroit or Rochester that are now only dusty dirty desertable shadows of their previous selves. Somehow in East Vancouver it felt as if Hope had departed at least 2 months ago. 
Not my pic

What else? 
Air Quality Moderate Risk warning for North Vancouver. Thank you, all you car drivers sitting in stop-and-go traffic all afternoon every day!   

Four departed (DEAD) Humpback Whales along the BC coast.  Good Think that Mr. Spock doesn't have to see this!

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