Monday, 6 July 2015

Oh F*** this city!

I have been back for a week now.

On day 2, a jet-lagged blogger has his first cigarette at around 6 am only to see across the courtyard of the hotel a slightly out-of-shape man in his 60s having a cigarette in front of the door of his hotel room.  The man is wearing nothing except his underwear.

On day 4 or 5, Vancouver actually issues an air-quality warning, telling people to avoid exercise and stay in air-conditioned spaces.  Reason?  High levels of ozone at ground level, which is a result of large volumes of car exhaust and heat.

On day 6 it is impossible to see the North Shore mountains from East Vancouver. Reason? Forest fires.  Again people are told to stay in air-conditioned spaces.  

On day 7 my car gets broken into.  No, there is nothing in it, but that didn't deter the culprits.

Third most liveable city on this planet?  Time to burn The Economist.

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